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Vessel Studios on Stash

We are honored to have our 2022 reel featured on the Stash animation permanent collection and to share some thoughts on it’s production. “Finding strong connections between vastly contrasting puzzle...

Biang Biang noodles and gluten

Biang Biang noodles are a type of hand-pulled noodles get their name from when they are pulled/stretched and slapped on the table. They are chewy, springy, wide noodles that get...

Protein folding with noodles

Protein folding is a process in which the protein chain being assemble by a ribosome, forms its final 3d shape. Protein folding is a spontaneous process where the amino acids...

Animating Bacteriophages

Start with an idea. Use simulation to animate the bacteriophages’ motion to make it look like they are not being powered by themselves but by the environment around them. They...


MIT News covered a story on Magnetomicrometry, which includes an animation we made to explain the technology. Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs

The 3D & Motion Design Show

Hi, friends! Check out the Vessel Studios crew exploring Cinema 4D Field Forces, airing on Maxon’s 3D & Motion Design Show at noon PST, July 21, 2020. The 3D &...

Cinema 4D Fields

The Vessel team presents how to Use Cinema 4D Fields at the 2020 Motion Design Show. The 3D and Motion Design Show