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Animating Bacteriophages

Start with an idea. Use simulation to animate the bacteriophages’ motion to make it look like they are not being powered by themselves but by the environment around them. They...


Fractal structures find their way into every aspect of our medical animation and illustration. Computer generated systems give rise to branching patterns, self-similarity, and expanding symmetry. These mesmerizing shapes inspire...


Check out some of our VR work! If you’re using a phone, click the link below to view on YouTube. For the best viewing experience use a Google Cardboard or...

Style Frames

Style frame phase is always a favorite part of any production. It’s a time of intense inventiveness where ideas become visible. Here are a few fun style frames from a...


We are happy to share with you our 2014 holiday animation short. Enjoy! -Your Friends at Vessel Studios

The Narrative Shot

The Narrative shot. It’s a term we throw around a lot at Vessel Studios. It’s the ability to tell an expressive and focused story without relying on voiceover or over-the-top...


Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins that tag pathogens for destruction or block their functionality. Here is a concept animation showing antibodies emitting from the surface of a B cell.