Collaborative symmetry

Established process.
Award-winning animators.
Uncommon approach.

Our team is devoted to the art of communicating scientific ideas. We work in that fascinating spot where art and science converge; we know their inner workings, points of confluence and sources of friction well.

We discover and we refine. We grapple with the challenges of bringing clarity to complex stories, of infusing scientific accuracy with artistic style.


Our Leadership

Amanda Slade - Vessel Studios
Steve Hall - Vessel Studios
Graham Johnson - Vessel Studios
Daniel Brown - Vessel Studios

We are multidisciplinarians.

“Vessel runs a master class on how to merge art, science, and story in an engaging way that keeps the viewer glued to the screen. They are an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and never overlook any detail.”

Kein Ziemkiewicz , SVP, Associate Creative Director, Art
Havas Health

"The Vessel team brings equity-building creative articulations to the table, and they’ve helped me navigate medical conversations with ease and confidence for years."

Sheila Lewis , Executive Creative Director