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Medical Animation Ignited

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Industry leaders communicate with Vessel animations. They rely on us to make their messages clear, powerful, and uniquely beautiful.

Our medical art is different on purpose. It’s all about creating that exact story and style to show that your science is unique. It’s what allows us make bold artistic decisions without sacrificing scientific accuracy. Vessel MOA’s are unmistakable: simple and elegant, delivering more vivid experiences and more powerful messages.

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Vessel Life

Biang Biang noodles and gluten

Biang Biang noodles are a type of hand-pulled noodles get their name from when they are pulled/stretched and slapped on...

Medical Animation Techniques

Protein folding with noodles

Protein folding is a process in which the protein chain being assemble by a ribosome, forms its final 3d shape....

Science In Art

Animating Bacteriophages

Start with an idea. Use simulation to animate the bacteriophages’ motion to make it look like they are not being...